28/52 – Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Project 52 from Taylor'd Photography_0337.jpg
Project 52 from Taylor'd Photography_0338.jpg

Skye has been waking in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s just easier to bring her into bed instead of rocking her (and me) to sleep in the nursery’s glider. Plus, I like this view in the morning.
This is my current favorite picture I have taken of Melody. We were watching for thunderstorms out the living room window. They didn’t come.

The Roaring 20′s – Las Cruces Portrait Photographer

This is the duo behind The Roaring 20′s, a local band with some killer sound and a vintage edge.
The roaring twenties las cruces_0326.jpg

Seriously. Kris and Natalie are two great musicians. I highly suggest catching their next show.

The roaring twenties las cruces_0327.jpg

The roaring twenties las cruces_0328.jpg

The roaring twenties las cruces_0329.jpg

You can keep up with what they have going on via their Facebook page, here.

The roaring twenties las cruces_0330.jpg

The roaring twenties las cruces_0331.jpg

I enjoyed listening to them play in the pecan orchards while I shot a few candid photos. Then I stopped shooting and recorded a little video to share with you on Instagram. Check it out here.
The roaring twenties las cruces_0332.jpg

Kris promises they have some songs they are working on in the studio. I hope they release them soon! I’m excited to hear more!
The roaring twenties las cruces_0333.jpg

The roaring twenties las cruces_0334.jpg

The roaring twenties las cruces_0335.jpg

The roaring twenties las cruces_0336.jpg


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26/52 – Project 52 from Las Cruces Photographer

Wahoo! Half way through this project!!

Project 52 from Las Cruces photographer_0313.jpg
Project 52 from Las Cruces photographer_0312.jpg

Skye and sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, or squash. Some sort of orange baby food. Flavor of the day.
Melody in her room on the swing that Daddy made her for Christmas. I love how she looks so contemplative here. I think she was singing.