Friday Night Lights – Las Cruces Senior Portraits Photographer

I am so excited to reveal my latest senior portrait photo shoot. Meet Kyton!


Kyton plays corner for the Bulldawgs, which means he’s fast, real fast. So it makes since that he also runs the 400 meter during track season.


If you haven’t heard of the Bulldawg-Trojan rivalry, go Google it right now. These football players have a deep sense of pride instilled in them the moment they join the football program. Kyton’s mom was teasing him for being so serious to which he replied, “You gotta be when you put on this jersey.”



I’m no stranger to the male’s natural instinct of uneasiness when it come to posing for and taking pictures. This guy was a champ. He didn’t complain or roll his eyes once and he was even nice enough to pretend to laugh at my lame jokes. Thanks Kyton!


We battled the mosquitoes in the pecan orchard and finished up the shoot down by the river.



Go Bulldawgs!

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