NMSU – Graduation Portrait Photographer

Finishing college. Ahhh, now you can let out a nice sigh of relief and relaxation. Well, sorta. This is Kyla. She wanted to take a moment and document this “life event” as Facebook would call it.


Kyla is interested in big animals. The more exotic the better. She described to me the reptiles she owns but didn’t bring to the shoot. So naturally, if Kyla is going to have a dog, it is going to be a Great Dane. I’m beginning to fall in love with Great Danes myself. Nate will take some convincing.


Kyla, you are gorgeous!


I managed to squeeze in one more Rio Grande dry bed shoot. Shortly after this shoot I drove over the river and was startled by how much water was in it. Made me smile to think we had just be stomping around in it.


Thanks for the fun, relaxed shoot Kyla. I hope you enjoy this accomplishment and wish you the best of luck and good fortune in your future adventures! Anyone brave enough to work with large exotic animals is going to have a lot of fun stories to tell the grandkids.

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