Other side of the Tracks – Las Cruces Engagement Portraits

Mika and Jami spent their first anniversary on a photo shoot with me. So, naturally, we started things off at the site of their first “official” date; the historic Rio Grande theater.


I asked them what show they saw on this monumental date. I couldn’t stop grinning when they told me they saw a performance of “The Vagina Monologues”. That’s one of the first dates Nate and I went on, which we both admitted is kinda a strange first date kind of thing to do, but hey worked for both of us!


Jami and Mika didn’t have many pictures taken of their wedding so we treated this session like an engagement session. Mika had suggested taking some pictures with railroad tracks so we jetted over to a spot I had never shot before.


Umm, I think we hit the jackpot with this spot. Besides the dead animal (we hope) smells, this location was legen–wait for it…DARY! Yes, I have been watching a bunch of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.


Stylist for this shoot: Mika.


We literally raced across town trying to beat the sunset. Even though the first pecan orchard I led us to was full of water we found an even better spot.


Jami and Mika, thank you so much for letting me be the third wheel on your special night. You guys are awesome.


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